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Fern Ray, WILDFIT Certified Coach

“You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.”

-Zig Zigler

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Alpha Patron Consultants hosts the WILDFIT 90 DAY CHALLENGE.

I am excited to share how I and others have transformed our bodies and minds taking on the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge Brochure. Never-before had I been able to accomplish eating functional foods and not eating non-functional foods and maintaining my size since 2019.

Before WILFIT, my will power only lasted until that next big upset was upon me or the holiday season had arrived bringing a cause for celebration and the opportunity to eat non-functional foods. There went my will power once again. Try this on, whenever I had worked endless hours lesson planning or working on IEPs two to three hours- after accomplishing the tasks, I wanted to treat myself to a food choice that was non-functional.

I had no will power or discipline when it came to treating myself when I knew I deserved it. This was one of my food rules. We can have certainty in our food and Food Freedom.

99 days from now you could be in total control of your food choices, and your life. You will watch in amazement as your shape, your skin, muscle tone, and energy undergo a comprehensive and lasting transformation. Your body, your longevity, and your family will thank you. WILDFIT has an 85% successful transformation and completion rate. Open the attachments. Click on the hyperlinks in the welcome letter to view the digital brochure. Your Nutrition and Psychology are what you will uncover from within yourself. Know thy self, right? You will receive email reminders the day before all calls. A health questionnaire, your measurements and you will take photos at the beginning of the challenge.

Live Longer
Live Better
Live Free

The Results Speak for Themselves

I honestly did not know what to expect and was thinking of this as another diet programe for a temporary change! But, at the end of this course – I am so grateful to have learned from the gurus of the industry and find myself with much better eating habits for a lifetime and to have regained such good health!

-Joel Fernandes

The Wildfit Challenge has been an outstanding experience. Even though I feel and look amazing, my greatest victory is to have changed my relationship with food and the power I now have to make the right decisions and continue living Wildfit. I’ve never even considered going for some health and fitness goals because I thought it was way to hard, but going through the Challenge and with the help of all the Wildfit Coaches it was very easy and pleasurable, so now I’m excited to actually go after goals I once thought were out of reach for me. Thank you Eric, Ariel, Jorgen and the whole Wildfit team.

-Alex Acra

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